Cookies are pieces of data used by a server to send a user’s status information to the browser, and used by the browser to send back status information to the server of origin.This status information could be, for example, session ID, language, expiry date, reply domain, etc.
Cookies allow users to retain certain information, such as status information, for the period of validity of that particular cookie whilst the user accesses different pages of a web site or when the user retains to the same web site later on.
There are a variety of different cookie types:

  • Session cookies that disappear once the user leaves the site
  • Permanent cookies that reside on the user’s terminal until their expiry date or until they are deleted by the user with the aid of their browser control features.


This website uses cookies subject to the provisions of the ePrivacy Regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation, the French Law of 6 January 1978 “Loi Informatique et Libertés” and the cookie guidelines published by the CNIL on 11 July 2019.
A banner informs users of the activation and use of tracers (cookies) on their first visit to the grandski.org website.

The cookies or tracers saved by grandski.org on your terminal are for the purpose of assisting with browsing on our web site, and the optimisation and personalisation of our services on the site (These cookies are primarily concerned with our own web analytics solutions).The Cookies that we employ allow us to:

  • Establish statistics and figures regarding use and frequentation of the various elements that make up our site (sections and content visited, user path, etc.), allowing us to enhance the interest and usability of our services;
  • Adapt the presentation of our site to the display preferences of your web terminal or mobile device (display resolution, operating system employed, etc.) during your visits to our site;
  • Save information regarding your browsing preferences (choice of language).

The following tracers (cookies) are used for the operation of the grandski.org website:

  • Session cookies
  • Cookie agreement

This file is stored for up to 13 months and can only be viewed via the grandski.org website.
The tracers will only be deposited if the site user gives their consent, which can come from the appropriate settings on their connection device or any other device under their control. Before the tracers are deposited, users will always have the option of managing their preferences via the tracer information banner.


We may include IT applications from third parties on our website, enabling you to share our site content with other people or inform others that you have viewed our site or tell them your opinion of our site content. This specifically applies to "Share", "Recommend" and "Tweet" buttons, etc. from social media like "Facebook", "Twitter", "Pinterest" and "Google +".
Any social network providing this kind of application button might be able to identify you via the button, even if you didn’t use it when you visited our site. This type of application button may enable the social network in question to follow your browsing activity on our site, simply because your particular social media account was activated on your device (open session) while you were browsing our site.
We have no control over the process employed by social networks for gathering information about your browsing activity on our site and associated with the personal data they have at their disposal. We would ask you to read the personal data protection policies of these social networks so that you are aware of how any browsing information that they might gather via these application buttons might be used, particularly in terms of advertising. These protection policies should enable you to state your choices to the social networks by changing the settings on your user account for each social network.
Third party cookies sent to our site come from site applications incorporated in our site, the main ones being:

  • _ga
  • _gid
  • _gat


Default settings for web browsers are usually established in such a way as to accept cookies, although it is possible to change this quite easily by altering your browser settings. Nevertheless, please be aware that if you should choose to deactivate the cookies, it is possible that some of our content will not be accessible. For further information on Cookies settings: